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December 5, 2023
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December 17, 2023
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Delegation from “Familien Fur Frieden” visits the Civil Diplomacy Center in Qamishlo

A German delegation from the Familien Fur Frieden “Families for Peace Association” visited the Civil Diplomacy Center in the city of Qamishlo to learn closely about the Rojava Revolution and the sacrifices it made on behalf of the world against the dark forces represented by ISIS, and the international dimension of the Rojava Revolution after the liberation of Kobani.

The delegation was welcomed by the spokesperson for the Civil Diplomacy Platform in North and East Syria and several members of the platform.
The meeting focused on the association’s work and future projects in supporting Rojava and focusing on academic projects that would introduce western societies to the values and sacrifices made by Rojava and North and East Syria in confronting Takfiri Ideology and understanding the Autonomous Administration project and spreading it on a societal scale.

The meeting concluded with the delegation presented with a commemorative shield expressing the internationalism of the Rojava Revolution.



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