Civil Diplomacy in North and East Syria; Our Vision:

Through civil diplomacy, we build relations between the peoples of NE Syria and the outside world, by strengthening and creating new understandings on the basis of human values, democracy, ecological awareness, women’s freedom, and freedom of religion and belief, which is the gateway through which participation in the Rojava Revolution can be done, through knowledge activities, lectures, introductory and solidarity programs, and joint awareness. Through these activities, we can contribute to the global resistance against dictatorial oppression, wars on indigenous cultures, and policies of occupation and colonialism. We also contribute to combating violence against women and fighting for the restorion of natural society's values. Together we can establish joint projects and provide means of mutual support to spread peace, democracy and social justice, towards implementing the concept of Democratic Confederalism and coexistence among all components in the region of North and East Syria on the one side, and creating friendships and understandings with other peoples in the world on the other side.

What is the region of North and East Syria?

The region of NE Syria is the geographical area in which approximately six million people live, including Kurds, Arabs, Syriacs, Assyrians, Armenians, Yazidis, Turkmen, and other ethnicities. They believe in the values of living together, without distinction between sect, race, religion, or nationality, according to a paradigm built on the foundations of Direct Democracy and the effective participation of women, youth, and all segments of civil society. This is within the structures of decentralized Democratic Autounouse Administration built according to communes, local councils, cooperatives, municipalities, and free academies. The society organizes itself according to the Social Contract for NE Syria, and people struggle together to build a democratic, decentralized, pluralistic Syria in which everyone of all walks from life participates.

What is the Civil Diplomacy Center?

A non-profit civil communicable platform, founded in 2021 by a group of civil activists, its center is located in the city of Qamishlo. It aims to develop relations between the peoples of NE Syria and the outside world and works in partnership with associations, professional unions, civil organizations, and societal institutions in the NE Syrian region. To provide an appropriate environment for dialogues, discussions, mutual support projects, and the exchange of experiences and expertise between them and their counterparts in the world. The Civil Diplomacy Center also works in the areas of political solidarity and humanitarian support, such as education, justice, culture, economy, environment, health care, municipalities, affairs of religion and belief, women’s freedom, supporting children, and developing joint projects between communities in NE Syria and the world on its various continents.

Our Mission:

- Building relationships between components of the society of NE Syria and peoples and civil societies around the world.

- Providing service projects to secure the necessary support to assist civil society in NE Syria.

- Publishing and translating research, articles, and reports about society, its needs, and the difficulties it faces.

- Holding seminars, conferences, and various media activities, to introduce the cultures of Syrian society in the regions of NE Syria.

- Exchange the necessary expertise in the sectors of health, education, justice, municipalities, women’s empowerment, and productive and agricultural cooperatives, to support civil society by civil sectors abroad.

- Exchange knowledge and receive foreign delegations and international activists in the field of supporting civil society and participating in the Rojava Revolution.