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The Union of Intellectuals in Jazeera Canton

The Union of Intellectuals in Jazeera Canton “YRHC” is an independent, democratic, civil cultural institution concerned with cultural and intellectual affairs to build a free knowledge society that is administratively and financially independent and committed to the Charter of the Social Contract and an essential component of the democratic system. The number of members affiliated with the Union is “125” members.
The Union was established in 2014 and holds its conference once every two years, including an expanded annual meeting to outline the new session, discuss the condition of the Union to define strategic tasks from the election of the governing body or the election of co-chair of the Union after the conference. The Union participates in all official event, while the general supervisor of the work of the governing body is spokesperson of the Union.
The Union’s main headquarters is located in the city of Qamishlo, and it has 8 offices in most of the cities of Jazeera Canton, which are:
(Al-Hasakah – Derik – Girki Lagi – Terbasbiyeh – Amuda – Tal Tamr – Darbasiyah)

Among the Unions that also exist in the North and East Syria:

Union of Intellectuals in Raqqa – Union of Intellectuals in Manbij Canton and its countryside – Union of Intellectuals in Kobani – Union of Intellectuals in Tabqa – Union of Intellectuals in Shahba Canton – Aleppo Cultural Forum – As for the Union of Intellectuals in Afrin, its activities were transferred to the Shahba region after the occupation of Afrin by the state.” Turkey in 2018, and intellectuals work within the Union of Intellectuals in Shahba Region.”


The Intellectuals Union aims to:

* Organizing the work of intellectuals of all fields and sects, including writers, poets, artists, writers, critics, playwrights, artists, media professionals, and others, within the Union of Intellectuals in Jazeera Canton.
* Combating the dissolution of cultures and promoting culture, preserving cultural heritage, collecting it, archiving it, and disseminating it to achieve a cultural renaissance and creating a state of enlightenment and diversity that guarantees freedom of thought, believing in the saying, “There is no revolution without a free mind.”
* It is concerned with intellectual and creative production. The Union also gives great importance to the culture and products of women and children and works to hone their talents.
* It is concerned with the intellectual and historical aspect of Kurdish life trajectory throughout history, and has interactions with international cultural institutions – local – regional – as well as organizations, unions, literary associations and political parties
* Through its members, the Union seeks to formulate a strategic participatory cultural vision that includes achieving its objectives by involving the public in the production of a community culture through the belief of the members of the Union and their positive interaction with and respect for noble human values and concepts
* Implementing the strategic action plan within the tactics of the current stage and its implications for thought and culture, and believing in the role of the organic intellectual committed to the issues of the masses.


Tasks Union of Intellectuals in Jazeera Canton:

* Coordinating with the Culture Authority in many works and events within a coordination process aimed at bringing together cultural efforts and creating a sound cultural environment.
* Publishing books on an ongoing basis, and participating in and organizing book fairs.
* Defending the rights of intellectuals and their products.
* Paying attention to environmental issues and working to spread environmental culture in society.
* Spreading free democratic culture and harnessing it to serve societal issues, committing to respecting human rights, believing in the ability and embodiment of human values in oneself and with others, defending the gains of the revolution in northern and eastern Syria, and respecting the principles of the new social contract.
* Expanding the office in general for books that contain thousands of diverse books on literature, thought, culture and politics, and striving to establish a central library to be a cultural reference for those interested, university students, youth and children.
*Establishing special gardens for reading, including two gardens in Qamishlo and Al-Hasakah, and working to open new gardens in most cities.
* Giving lectures and dialogue seminars on environmental health, political, social, economic, and administrative affairs.
Structure of the Union of Intellectuals in Jazeera Canton:
The General Body of the Board of Directors is elected every two years after the holding of its conference. Its members are members of offices in cities.
* The co-chair of the Union is elected by the governing body.
* Offices in cities.
* Subcommittees such as the Information Committee and the Cultural Activities Committee.

Internal and external relations of the Union of Intellectuals:

The Public Relations Committee of the Union of Intellectuals in Jazeera Canton is responsible for consolidating relations with all intellectuals, individuals or groups, with the aim of including them in the union, building friendly relations with cultural institutions and democratic organizations at home and abroad, and establishing joint action links to achieve the effective participation of the union in political, social and cultural activities that work in accordance with community diplomacy. And exercising its pioneering role in introducing the world’s intellectuals to the issues of revolution, society, and the history of the human struggle in the North and East region of Syria, and introducing intellectuals in Syria and the world to the cultural, cognitive, and struggle heritage of the peoples and components of the North and East Syria region.


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