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November 9, 2023
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Webinar || Spread Resistance Against Occupation and Technological War: Defend Rojava against Turkey’s War of Occupation!

Attacks on Rojava and the Democratic Nation were discussed in the webinar held by the Academy of Jineoloji, Civil Diplomacy of Center in North and East Syria, the May 1st Technology Movement of Mexico, GTA, and the GTA Women’s Assembly of India held a webinar on Zoom.

In the webinar with the slogan ‘Spread Resistance Against Occupation and Technological War: Defend Rojava against Turkey’s War of Occupation!’.

The invasion attacks of the Turkish state and the resistance of the people and women, as a tool of colonialism, technology, and the fight against freedom movements and the opportunities for self-defense against those attacks were discussed.

The representative of Star Congress of Rojava Stera Ebdo, the co-chair of the May 1st Technology Movement in Mexico Ken Montenegro, and Abha Bhaiya of the Women’s Council of GTA from India spoke in the webinar. Speaker Stera Ebdo on the subject of the occupation attacks of the Turkish state and the resistance of the people and women

Ken Montenegro talked about the issue of technology as a tool of colonialism and the fight against liberation movements and opportunities for self-defense against those attacks, Abha Bhaiya talked about the urgent appeal campaign and the development of solidarity and resistance against war, violence, and occupation.


The webinar, which was held with the participation of many people from 17 continents and countries, was translated into Kurdish, English, and Spanish. The webinar was moderated by College of Arts and Sciences Sociology Professor and GTA (GLOBAL TAPESTRY OF ALTERNATIVE) activist Melanie E Bush.

Turkey has been attacking the region since the beginning of the Revolution

After the opening speech by Melanie E. Bush, Star Congress representative of Rojava Stêra Ebdo spoke. Stêra Ebdo stated that the Women’s Revolution in North and East Syria was developed with the paradigm of the Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Ocalan and said: “In the region, the members live together as equals in the communities. The Turkish state is attacking these places. Turkey has always attacked our revolution since the beginning of the revolution. When supported by ISIS. When ISIS gangs intensified their attacks on the region, Turkey opened its borders for them to fight against the YPG and YPJ. Since 2020, the Turkish state has been using drones in attacks and targeting leaders of the revolution. Revolutionary women are being targeted. 3 members of the Star Congress were martyred in Kobanê.

Invasion attacks: Turkey wants to cause trouble in the region

Stêra Ebdo attracted attention to the recent attacks of the Turkish state and said that it is not true that the Turkish state intensified its attacks during the operation against the ISIS gangs in Deir Ez-Zor. Stêra said, “The Turkish government wants to destroy the stability in the region with these attacks and create unrest,” attracted attention to the occupation attacks on the North and East regions of Syria:

“Efrin was brutally invaded in 2018. In 2019, Serêkaniye and Girê Spî were also occupied in the same way. These were the strongholds of ISIS that were liberated. These attacks take place across borders. In these attacks, the Turkish minister said that this was the first stage of the attacks and that the infrastructure of the region was also their target. 250 attacks were carried out, and 11 infrastructure targets were hit. The people of the region were left without a car. 17 oil wells were hit. This also left the people without oil. The life of the local people will be very difficult. The attack destroys civilian facilities such as hospitals. These losses and damages were about 3 million dollars. 28 members of the security forces and a total of 48 citizens of the area were martyred. Turkey wants to cause trouble in the region.

Democratic Nation is the solution to all problems

Stêra Ebdo stated that the formation of attacks on Rojava and Gaza at the same time is not a coincidence and said that this way of starting the attacks has been planned for a long time. Stêra Ebdo announced that the style of attacks on Rojava and Gaza is the same and continued her speech.” Turkey is now using this opportunity because the eyes of the world are on Gaza. Turkey condemns the attack on the hospital in Gaza, but it does the same thing in Rojava.” Ebdo said, “Democratic nation is the solution to all problems,” continued: “This paradigm is seen as dangerous, so it is being attacked.” We are ready to defend ourselves. People stand up and hold demonstrations. There is a great movement here.

Capitalism uses technology as a tool

Then, Ken Montenegro spoke about technology as a tool of colonialism and the fight against liberation movements and opportunities for self-defense against those attacks. Ken Montenegro focused on the modernity of capitalism that uses technology against society as a tool and pointed out that the use of technology should be influenced by the impact of capitalism on people’s lives. Ken Montenegro pointed out that the way to do this is to use technology on democratic principles

From India to a message to a Kurdish woman: We are with you

Abha Bhaiya also talked about the urgent appeal campaign and the development of solidarity and resistance against war, violence, and occupation. Abha Bhaiya said, “I congratulate the Kurdish women’s march and especially the women of Rojava and say Women, Life, Freedom, we are with you.

We women also want life and freedom. Women struggle against sexism, violence, and occupation. We are fighting for our land. They are fighting for their occupied territory. Limits should not be accepted. If the restrictions are lifted, it can open the way for development. The border brought destruction.

There is an obsession with a woman’s body

Abha Bhaiya attracted attention to the war and the attacks and its effect on women and said, “We see that there is a lot of violence against women’s bodies.

Women often become part of the armed resistance for the freedom of their people. Also, the woman’s body is used as a symbol of occupation. Their body is violated. Women stood up against that invasion and violation of their rights.

There should be a strong struggle against private war

After the speeches of the speakers on the topics ‘What can we do to overcome the media embargo, censorship, and special war against the revolution in Rojava/North and East Syria?’

What urgent steps can we take to stop wars and genocidal attacks in different parts of the world? How can we build a strong connection between local and global struggles?” How can we strengthen our networks of solidarity and cooperation for peace, justice, radical democracy, women’s freedom, ecological and communal alternatives?”

Stera Ebdo Talked about these issues and said; “Our struggle should be against private war. This seminar is a method for that. We carry out campaigns at the local level. In 2019, the Women Protecting Rojava campaign was launched to draw attention to the attacks on the region and protect the women’s revolution. Women’s movements around the world came together for activities. Activities are good, but there should also be creative activities. Seminars like this can be held on the spot. Especially in the media network, work and action can be done.”

Ken Montenegro said that a strong solidarity should be established with the internationalists of the world who are fighting against fascism for these issues that are being discussed.

Women’s movements are under isolation: strong support must be built

Abha Bhaiya also attracted attention to the isolation of women’s freedom movements and informed that strong support should be built around the world against the policies of isolation. Bhaiya said: “We need to build a bright house of alternative feminist news. The Kurdish woman’s struggle should not be under isolation. All such movements are under isolation. So we all have to build a strategy together. How can we build strong support around the world?

People can continue this conversation and build support. Our enemy has built strong support among themselves, so we must build support as subordinates. There is an ecological invasion in the world, we must not forget because ecology is our future.”

Then the audience of the webinar presented their questions to the conversation and the webinar continued with questions and answers.

Spreading resistance also means breaking isolation

At the end of the webinar, the member of the Academy of Jineoloji, Shevin Nudem, spoke and said that this webinar, which is being held, can be seen as a beginning to building strong support. Shervin expressed his gratitude for everyone’s participation and said, “Let’s expand our resistance against genocide and occupation for a dignified life and we support all resistance movements in the world because they are fighting like us. Our water is stolen from us, our land is invaded. Shervin drew attention to the isolation imposed on the Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Ocalan, who said: “Spreading the resistance also means breaking the isolation.” For us, support also means Ocalan’s physical freedom.”

Rojava is the Women’s Revolution, so it is the target of attacks

Shervin Nudem continued: “Let’s stand against the capitalist system because capitalism wants to manipulate our minds and brains. We should all use technology with human value. The killing of women, the genocide of women, we must strengthen our support against you. Turkey continues to target us. Rojava is the Women’s Revolution and the idea of a Democratic Nation and democratic confederalism is planted in this way, so it is the target of attacks.

Women, life, freedom” echoing around the world: it is the result of 50 years of struggle

Shervin Nudem said, “Women, life, freedom” are now echoing in all four corners of the world, but this is also the result of the 50-year struggle of the Kurdish people.” “We must educate the society based on democracy and ecology. After the revolution, there was no other revolution. Therefore, we must include the struggle for freedom and the creation of ecological life in our present time. It is more important than ever for us to live our resistance stronger. Ocalan says hope is more important than success. We continue with this vigil and say “Jin Jiyan Azadi”


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