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October 29, 2023
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Union of Pharmacists in North and East Syria

Union of Pharmacists in North and East Syria

Definition of the Pharmacists Union:

It is a professional organization with humanitarian and social aims that preserves the rights of pharmacists and regulates relations between them and the community and other health institutions in North and East Syria.

The founding conference of the Pharmacists Union was held in 2015, and in March 2023 the fourth conference was held in the city of Al-Hasakah, and decisions were taken regarding the union’s activities, its financial budget, and the union’s service projects were approved.

The union has ten branches: Al-Hasakah – Qamishli – Manbij – Deir Ez-Zor – Raqqa – Al-Shahba – Aleppo – Kobani – Derik – Tabqa.

The union takes the co-chairs system as its basis. The number of members of the union as a whole is 1,667 male and female members

Union objectives:

  1. Creating a spirit of solidarity and cooperation.

  2. Holding meetings, seminars ,and conferences.

  3. Contributing to the development and monitoring of pharmaceutical industries.

  4. Participation in planning in the health field.

  5. Preserving the members’ material and moral rights.

  6. Cooperation with regional and international organizations based on common interest cooperation.

Organizational Chart:

The General Conference of the Union is the highest legislative authority in the union, consisting of all members affiliated with the union and who are entitled to nominate and vote.

The Council of the General Union of Pharmacists of North and East Syria consists of (23) members and consists of: Heads of branches and the co-chairs of the General Union and their deputy. The Union Council meets regularly every two months (the number of council members can be modified as needed).

The Co-Chairs and Deputy Co-Chairs of the General Union are elected by the General Conference.

Competent committees are formed as needed by a decision of the Board of Directors from among the members of the General Conference.

Branch councils are elected during the branch conference of each union. It consists of the co-chairs, members of the Board of Directors according to the needs of each branch, and the deputy co-chair.

Duties of the Board of Directors:

Developing the union’s work plan and strategy and following up on decisions and recommendations.

– Approval of accepting the enrollment of new members after joining the General Union.

Follow up on the programs and plans of the General Union.

Forming specialized committees according to the needs of the General Union.

Issuing internal regulations to organize the work mechanism and they are approved by the General Conference.

Union committees:


Financial Committee

Foreign Relations Committee

Follow-up Committee

Disciplinary Council


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