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October 14, 2023
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October 17, 2023
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Campaign Against Turkish Attacks

Campaign Against Turkish Attacks


Spokesperson for the Civil Diplomacy Platform, Nourshan Hussein, discussed the campaign to collect signatures against Turkish state attacks on North and East Syria, stating that the campaign is ongoing and has seen participation from around the world.

The Civil Diplomacy Platform for North and East Syria, in collaboration with 22 civil society organizations, launched a campaign titled “Stop the War Against Humanity” to condemn Turkish state attacks on regions in North and East Syria. These attacks resulted in the loss of 48 civilians, including two children, and extensive damage to the region’s infrastructure.

These attacks are considered war crimes

Nourshan Hussein pointed to the Turkish state’s attacks, stating that their goal is to destroy the model of life built on an alternative democratic system in North and East Syria. She emphasized that the Turkish state is attempting to destroy the societal life that emerged through the women’s revolution. Based on this, they are implementing policies of demographic change after undermining sources of livelihood. These unlawful policies by the Turkish state are unacceptable under international laws and agreements and are considered war crimes.

The signature campaign was launched with the participation of 22 organizations

Nourshan Hussein mentioned that 22 civil society organizations are participating in the campaign. She continued, “On October 8, a joint statement was issued, calling on the international community, liberation movements, feminist movements, socialists, anarchists, ecologists, and friends of the Rojava Kurdish revolution to take urgent action to pressure the international community to stand against the attacks and not remain silent.”


Participation in the campaign came from around the world

Nourshan Hussein noted that participation in the campaign came from all around the world, saying, “As a result of this statement, we launched the campaign as the Civil Diplomacy Platform for North and East Syria on October 9. We distributed the international signature collection campaign in three languages: English, Portuguese, and Spanish. Many movements and organizations from Latin America, India, China, Europe, the Middle East, and Kurdistan participated in this campaign, and we collected numerous signatures.”

There was also an attack on the campaign’s website

Nourshan Hussein mentioned that the Turkish state launched a digital attack on the campaign. They aimed to disrupt the campaign’s website, but the campaign continues. It will be extended for three more days after resolving the technical issue.

Invitation to participate in the campaign

Nourshan Hussein said, “The results of this campaign will be sent to the United Nations and responsible parties in the humanitarian and legal fields through a joint open letter.” She concluded by stating, “This is part of the pressure on the international community to take a stand against the Turkish state’s attacks and policies in North and East Syria.”


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