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October 11, 2023
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October 16, 2023
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North and East Syria joined the campaign of leader Abdullah Ocalan

The North and East Syria People’s Initiative joined Leader Abdullah Ocalan’s initiative at the global level and began various activities.
The initiative launched by Abdullah Ocalan’s platform for liberation from the Kurdish issue and a political solution in 74 centers around the world also resonated in North and East Syria.

The Popular Initiative for North and East Syria issued a press release in Kurdish and Arabic about the issue at the March 12 Martyrs Stadium in the city of Qamishlo. Members of the Autonomous Administration, directors and members of non-governmental organizations, political parties, Kurdish and Arab tribal leaders, women’s and youth organizations, the Democratic Society Movement, and hundreds of people joined the announcement.
The statement was read in Kurdish by member of the Popular Initiative, Hanaa Khalil, while the statement in Arabic was read by member of the initiative, Anwar Al-Asir.
It was stated that the initiative began in 74 centers around the world, and the People of North and East Syria Initiative also participates in this initiative.
The statement stated that millions of Kurds consider Leader Abdullah Ocalan as their political will. Arabs, Syrians and many people from different parts of the world call him their leader. He is seen as a solution and peace to the problems of oppressed peoples, ethnic, religious, sectarian, environmental and opponents of inequality. Therefore he is accepted as a leader of the people.
The statement stated that Leader Abdullah Ocalan has been alone in prison for 25 years, and his communications with the world outside , his family, and his lawyer have been cut off for years. He faces torture and inhumane acts. Despite this, the philosophy of Leader Abdullah Ocalan inspired all circles to search for a solution. The issue of the freedom of Leader Abdullah Ocalan is a global issue for which parties, organizations, institutions and individuals are active all over the world.
The statement stated that the Kurdish issue is also an international issue, and the political and cultural rights of the Kurds have been violated, they have been subjected to massacres, and millions have been displaced. The statement stated that the step that has begun is at the global level, and if Leader Abdullah Ocalan is released, he will lead more than anyone else in implementing freedom and peace. Therefore, he should be released from prison and have the conditions that enable him to perform his political role and solve The Kurdish and Middle East problem.
At the end of the statement, it was stated that for this purpose, the Popular Initiative for North and East Syria joins the initiative with the slogan “Freedom for Leader Ocalan is a solution to the Kurdish issue. It was said: We call on all women and youth social organizations, parties, and political organizations to join this campaign. We will continue the struggle through political, legal, popular and diplomatic actions.

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