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October 8, 2023
North and East Syria joined the campaign of leader Abdullah Ocalan
October 14, 2023
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What is happening in North East Syria?

What is happening in North East Syria?


Since the 4th of October 2023, Turkish army forces have systematically been bombarding villages, towns and general infrastructure in North and East Syria.
Turkish warplanes, armed drones, artillery and mortars have been targeting civilian and vehicles, electric power stations, gas stations, water resources and energy supplies, oil fields, hospitals and crop fields.
During the first few days of the current attacks dozens of people lost their lives, and dozens have been injured.
About two million people have been left without electricity, sufficient energy or water supplies and have no access to healthcare.
These attacks are targeting the lives and the security of more than six million people of different cultures and beliefs living together on common land within the structures of Democratic Autonomy.
Despite ongoing airstrikes, tens of thousands of residents of the regions under attack are out on the streets condemning the attacks.
Declaring their determination to continue their common resistance against war and occupation, for a life of dignity, peace and freedom.
Although all these attacks involve clear violations of international humanitarian law, neither the UN nor other international bodies, have yet adequately condemned these crimes or taken any effective steps to stop them.
We call the international community to take urgent action to prevent further crimes against humanity and to stop Turkey’s war and occupation policies.



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