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Why Civil Diplomacy ?

Why civil diplomacy?


With the development of technology today the world has become a small village ,we don’t think there’s any other word that would express the truth better than that, even though it’s a constant saying. At the same time ,increasing social problems with the developments of technology bring humanity together.

Even if the places are different ,the problems we are living it nowadays have become a common problem for all of the humanity. For example ,Ethnic ,sectarian ,racial ,wars ,poverty ,crimes against women ,population and immigration problems ,ecological problems , unemployment, racism and dozens of other problems have become common problems for humanity.

In order to overcome those problems ,people gathered and discussed the problems and try to develop the solutions. With all of the developments, diplomacy is now expanding, and almost everyone from all of life’s fields ,who has potential and researchers ,conducts diplomacy.

Therefore, diplomacy, which used to be carried out in a nation-state monopoly, has now been carried out by societies. In this context, what the humanity needs to discuss problems ,find solutions and improving common sense is the civil diplomacy. As the Civil Diplomacy Center in North and East Syria ,we consider it important to explain the experience of the people’s revolution in Rojava across all social segments ,shearing how the problems are solved and on what basis the struggle is build. The Rojava revolution inspired all social segments that are fighting for democracy, freedom and equality ,in particular fighting against ISIS terrorism in North and East Syria has been a source of encouragement for people. At a time when ISIS terror was terrorizing the world, people from all walks of life, men, women, young and old, fought with great courage in Rojava, and as much as the price was big ,the fighting forces were the winners at the end.

Finally ,we can say this fighting spirit made its place in the global struggle for democracy in the 21st.

Especially in a place like the Middle East, where everyone having war against each other ,where guns talk rather than dialogue ,in Rojava (north and east Syria), women are actively involved in all fields of work, from military service to the economy, press, politics, culture, active participation in all areas, coexistence developed by peoples, co-charing system and building communes and assemblies and the administration of a democratic system are very important developments. The Rojava revolution is like a flower blooming in the desert in middle east chaos. As one of the areas where the potential of the people to produce non-state solutions with their own self-power and mind develops the most as a model, the flow of the experience of North and East Syria into the sea of global democracy is the essence of this work.

Therefore, it will be very important to share all these developments with the peoples and to listen to other experiences while conveying our own experience.

Today democracy, freedom and equality are rising values. It is the basic values that bring people together. At this point, Rojava is not only theoretically doing so but also practicing it on the ground. Sharing this experience with the people is not only good for Rojava but, at the same time, to solve the problems experienced by other countries. For us we believe that this participation must be a historical responsibility. It should be noted that the Rojava experience can be applied anywhere else. Every place, according to its reality, can benefit from this experience by moving away from imitating each other directly. Any society, based on its changing social dynamics, can achieve rich creative development.

As a result, the problems we face and the realities we are affected by can be understood as one, and the solution can develop in the same way.


Civil Diplomacy Center-North and East Syria


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