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June 26, 2021
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The International Water Forum in North and East Syria

The International Water Forum in North and East Syria


Water is the main artery of various ecological, economic, and social systems in the world. The issue of water scarcity and its sources is one of the most important challenges facing human societies regardless their natural habitat.

The climatic changes and their negative effects on the environment and life, in addition to the increasing population growth and the strong movement of displacement from the Syrian interior, the Autonomous/ Self-Administration in North -East Syria is facing serious challenges, no longer limited to the issue of fresh water scarcity only, but also issues of expanding the water gap completely that in turn increases the water deficit to meet all the daily life requirements. The fear of water scarcity raises many issues, such as the need to make sustainable use of the currently available water resources, and to maximize the optimum use of them.

In the regions of the Autonomous Administration of North -East Syria, within the current conditions and the scarcity of water resources, and their submission to the will of the political states that control their sources, water basins and groundwater, it can be considered that the water situation in these areas is very critical, given the scarcity of its sources and droughts.

According to the United Nation’s data, more than half of the world’s population depends daily on water resources shared by more than one country; whether the surface waters of international rivers and lakes, or groundwater and water basins extending in more than one country.

Based on that, the “International Water Forum in North and East Syria” will be held with the attendance and participation of many local and international organizations, academics, and personalities involved in the sustainability of water resources. This forum aims to discuss the reality of the water crisis in the region, the risks associated with it and the most important challenges it faces in this context, with the aim of forming a realistic and future vision of the available opportunities and capabilities, and reducing this crisis by the presentation of the participants’ experience, opinion and suggestion to be able to face challenges and create a kind of water balance in the region.

The Forum purposes:

  • Finding out solutions and strategies for water problems in Northern -Eastern Syria, attracting investments, exchanging experiences, and directing international organizations and forces to cooperate to address the challenges in the water sector.
  • Highlighting the international charters, laws, and agreements on water and drawing attention to regional politics and the war on monopolizing water resources and exploiting them in political and economic disputes.
  • Presenting and discussing the risks and challenges related to the issue of water security, achieving security and sustainable water development.
  • Explaining the economic, social, and environmental impacts resulting from the unjust practices of Turkey with its powers to control water resources in the region with the aim of creating a water crisis through which it can impose its political will on the rest of the parties.





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