May 5, 2021
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May 6, 2021
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Music plays an important role in struggles, and this is especially the case in Rojava where revolution and music are inseparable. International solidarity can also be expressed through collective artistic projects and allow a convergence of struggles.


It is with this in mind, that we are currently working on the development of a musical project between Rojava and Valientes Gracias, a feminist and international music group based in Saillans, a village in the south-east of France.


The group, made up of women from different backgrounds, is inspired by Afro-Colombian rhythms to protest against all forms of oppression, and this in a festive spirit:

“We loudly support the struggles that try to build other worlds that are more united, more just, more free.

Because the revolution will be not only anti-patriarchal and anti-capitalist but also joyful and dancing! ”


Valientes Gracias is part of the Abya Yala, an association based in Drôme, which “seeks through its actions to fight against all forms of discrimination, domination and exclusion”

We have already participated with this association in the creation of a song in the Kurdish language in support to Nûdem Durak, a Kurdish singer who is serving a 19-year sentence for having sung and persisted in singing in her mother tongue.

Link to the video of the song:  here


You want to participate to the international artistic solidarity with a music group from NES / Rojava ?

Please contact us: [email protected]



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