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Federation of the Wounded of War in North and East Syria

The stage that the peoples of North and East Syria went through in their struggle against occupation and injustice required them to form a military force to protect the region from any aggression or threat, and this issue would not have come without complications and consequences for the community. We are grateful and proud of the wounded of war who sacrificed themselves to protect our society.

Securing and providing the needs of the wounded is one of the greatest tasks entrusted to us, out of gratitude and appreciation from the community to these heroes who have given what many of us cannot. There is no freedom without struggle, and there is no struggle without a price.

The martyrs and the wounded of war have struggled for our freedom, that’s why we hold them in the highest esteem, they are precious to us.

When the community tries to show the great sacrifice of the wounded of war, it aims to reduce the physical and psychological damage that they have suffered, reintegrate them in social life in a normal manner and compensate them for what they lost as much as possible.


-Name of the Federation: Federation of the wounded of war in North and East Syria.

-The federation slogan: Do not forget the martyrs of the struggle for freedom.


-The center of the Federation is in Qamishlo. The Federation has the right to establish branches in all regions, and have the right to receive requests from other institutions and associations.


-Definition of the wounded of war: They are the people who were injured in military or societal fields as a result of the resistance and the protection of values ​​and people.


-Definition of the federation of the wounded of war: Autonomous, democratic, “charitable” federation. Its goal is to provide assistance such as medical care, medicines and all medical supplies and psychological assistance, rehabilitation, raising morale, and relieve the wounded from the stress caused by war. It carries out activities and events with the help of people, unions, and organizations concerned with human rights. The Federation also has the right to carry out economic activities. In addition, members of the federation are trained on vocational training in order to have their own profession and to reengage in the community.  The federation carries out these activities with the aim of support and assistance.


-The Federation is responsible for the administration of the work and goals set as follows:

-The centers opened for the wounded of war are equipped to meet their physical and psychological needs, in addition to providing the necessary technologies according to scientific foundations and full protection for them.

-The Federation is responsible for protecting the natural and private rights of the wounded.

-The manual and intellectual product of the wounded of war is considered an enrichment of society. The Federation also opens training centers for vocational and mental education and provides the necessary requirements.

-The law stipulates that administrators are appointed freely without any reservation, and cancels decisions that are made to prevent them from freedom of choice.

-The federation works to define and show the wounded of war on the humanitarian and international arena through visual, audio and readable media.

-Lovers of free life must work to protect the human values ​​and free life for which they sacrificed to build an autonomous administration in North and East Syria.


-The federation forms its committees according to the requirements:

Disciplinary Committee.

Media and Archives Committee.

Relations Committee.

Finance Committee.

Health Committee.

Training Committee.


The duties of the federation

-The federation respects and derives its laws from the human rights charters and international treaties concerned with human rights.

-The federation respects the four decisions related to the protection of the wounded and sick in war zones, adopted in the 1949 Geneva Convention.

-The federation derives its moral support from the moral community and its financial support comes from the monthly subscriptions provided by the members in addition to donations.

-In order for the wounded of war and the disabled to be able to reengage in society, the federation seeks, as much as possible, to enable and transform public transportation into means that this group can use normally.

-The federation seeks to help the injured to participate in social life, to have the right of education and participate in teaching, professions, and provide them with job opportunities for a decent life.





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