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February 14, 2024
Webinar on the Rojava Revolution at the World Social Forum in Nepal
February 19, 2024
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Rojava Revolution present at the World Social Forum held in Nepal this year

The World Social Forum in Nepal’s capital, Kathmandu, hosts an event entitled “Rojava Revolution: An Alternative World is Being Built in NE Syria.” The webinar can also be followed through the Zoom.
The Civil Diplomacy Center in NE Syria presents a webinar on the Rojava Revolution at this year’s World Social Forum in Nepal which held from 15 to 19 February. The webinar will be held in collaboration with the Kongra Star and the Jineolojî Centre on 17th February. Hundreds of political and academic figures and representatives of anti-capitalist movements and civil organizations have been invited.
The announcement of the webinar entitled “The Rojava Revolution: An Alternative World is Being Built in Northeast Syria” stated: “The Rojava Revolution inspired millions of people around the world and proved that building an alternative world for nation-state, capitalism and patriarchy is possible. Democratic Autonomous Administration based on the foundations and values of a democratic nation, environmental awareness, women’s freedom’ and freedom of belief and religion had become a reality in the territory of northeast Syria for more than 10 years. In Rojava- NE Syria, a society organized according to local councils, cooperatives and academies is built independently without the monopoly of central state authority. It is an effective model that represents the optimal solution to all the structural crises that have caused conflicts, wars and violence in Syria and the Middle East”.
You can register to attend the webinar on the World Social Forum website here:
The webinar will be recorded in Kurdish and English and posted on the Centre’s website and on its YouTube channel.
Date: 17 February 2024
14:00 Nepal time/8: 15 UTC



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