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February 5, 2024
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Union of Lawyers in North and East Syria

It is a social professional organization that is administratively and financially independent and committed to the Social Contract and to working to achieve the rights and justice and the defense of the rights of lawyers, to preserve the effectiveness of the profession, and to guarantee the lawyer’s freedom and dignity in the performance of his mission, and to ensure the defense of the rights and freedom of the citizen. In this regard, it is one of the two wings of justice and an essential component of the democratic system.
The North and East Syria Lawyers’ Union was founded in 2019 under the slogan “Together to advance the legal profession to achieve justice and build an ethical society”, the founding meeting, which was held in the city of Kobani, was attended by 50 male and female lawyers from all regions of North and East Syria. The number of lawyers affiliated with the Union so far reaches 650 members.

The Lawyers Union aims to:
• Working to develop legal thought and stimulate legal research to achieve the building of an ethical, democratic society.
• Developing the practice of the legal profession on a corporate basis and expanding the prospects of the legal profession in public life.
• Promoting the legal profession and its high mission in all possible ways and means of law, protecting lawyers in their practice of the profession, and activating the necessary immunity for that.
• Developing legislation to serve the provision of justice for litigants, ensuring their right to defense, and providing legal aid to those who are unable to do so.

Tasks of the General Union of Lawyers in North and East Syria:
1. Approval of the final decisions related to the registration or promotion of lawyers in the Union.
2. Conduct legal research and studies and cooperate with relevant authorities to develop laws based on ethics in a democratic society.
3. Providing legal advice, draft laws, and observations on those in force, and proposing what is necessary to submit them to the relevant authorities in the Autonomous Administration.
4. Issuing unified publications, papers, and documents for the work of unions and the “Lawyers” magazine.
5. Issuing an annual table of professor and trainee lawyers according to seniority with the Lawyers Union in North and East Syria.
Structure of the General Union of Lawyers:
• Board of Directors of the General Union of Lawyers in North and East Syria: It consists of the administration of the Union of Lawyers and the Co-Chairs of the Union.
• The administration of the association of lawyers in North and East Syria consists of 9 members, among them the Co-Chair elected by the general conference and 7 members of the last representatives of the associations in each canton.
• General Conference: normally held every two years, and exceptionally when needed
• Union of Lawyers in the Regions.
• Branch: It is one of the branches in the union.
Union external relations:
The Relations Office of the Lawyers Union specializes in establishing relations with organizations and legal bodies abroad, exchanging experiences, advocating for people’s issues in rights and justice between lawyers’ unions and offices in the world, and the challenges it faces, and defining the role of lawyers in confronting these challenges, including the development of research, books, and publications on these issues and their dissemination at the local, regional and global levels, coordinating cooperation with bar associations in the world to have an effective impact, organizing the exchange of visits with lawyers and unions in the world, and working to obtain study scholarships for lawyers to meet the needs of the profession and address these issues.
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