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January 6, 2024
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Union of Doctors in North and East Syria

Definition of the Doctors’ Union:

It is a social, democratic medical institution based on the values of societal equality, coexistence, and the philosophy of the Democratic Nation. It seeks to organize the work of human doctors, defend their rights and the rights of patients, and advance the medical profession ethically and scientifically.

The Union takes the co-chair system as its basis. Its members number 1,650 male and female doctors. There is a doctors’ union in each of the seven cantons of the Autonomous Administration Region in North and East Syria.

Objectives of the Doctors’ Union:

A- Develop the medical profession ethically, humanely, and scientifically.

B- Seek to build a healthy society by spreading health awareness to prevent diseases in society.

C- Seek to provide free health for all members of society.

Organizational structure:

The Conference: It is the highest decision-making body represented by all members of the Doctors’ Union in North and East Syria. It is held every two years.

Board of Directors: Consists of members elected as co-chairs of the boards of directors of the branches of the Doctors’ Union.

Co-Chair: It is elected by the Board of Directors of the Doctors’ Union.


Tasks of the Doctors’ Union:

  • Exercising control over doctors and protecting their interests within the frameworks of the laws of the Autonomous Administration, supervising the application of the law and securing and organizing medical services for all segments of society in North and East Syria, raising the moral level of doctors, defending their rights, and assisting in the event of illness and emergency accidents.


  • Holding training and educational courses for doctors and establishing scientific libraries at the Union Center.


  • Establishing regulations for practicing the profession, as well as legislation related to public health and medical services and development plans in the health field in cooperation with the Health Authority.


  • Holding meetings, scientific seminars, and conferences, and participating in them inside and outside the Autonomous Administration regions in North and East Syria.


  • Covering rural areas medically with human doctors by implementing the Rural Service Law for one year for doctors wishing to obtain a license to practice the profession from the Health Authority.


  • Creating joint action plans with the Health Authority to cover rural regions with specialized human doctors.

To communicate with the Doctors’ Union in Jazira Canton  [email protected]


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