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Laborers’ Union of North and East Syria

Name: Laborers’ Union of North and East Syria (YKBRS).

Slogan: With the efforts of the laborers, we will build a democratic society

Definition of the workers’ union:

The Laborers’ Union consists of workers is composed of institutional workers, sergeants, and employee workers. It is an independent democratic and social union that aims to organize the toilers and protect their rights in the public and private sectors, struggles for them democratic struggle, takes as its basis and purpose the social effort, and organizes itself by international standards. And the Charter of the Social Contract for North and East Syria.

The Union was established on 5 June 2015. The Union manages social, economic, and cultural work according to the interests and rights of workers, and coordinates with international and regional organizations. The Union also contributes financial payments for work injuries workers while working. A “Labor Cooperation Fund” was also established to secure the rights of working people in cases of injury and death.

The Union’s work is to contribute actively to the promotion and improvement of their social status and the protection of their rights through special committees. These committees defend the groups that do not accept any form of discrimination among the toiling people. The Union works by international standards and launches campaigns to develop society through specialized and relevant committees. The cooperation of working people in civil society is still a strategic priority because it supports the goals of the union and helps in the development of the self and society.

The working people are the foundation of civil society and they are the real force for building a free, democratic, working society. On this basis, civil society must participate in decision-making processes, as a result of their work to advance in all areas of life. The Union of Toilers in North and East Syria is an integral part of civil society, and what falls on the Union’s responsibility is to intensify field work, coordinate with all organizations and associations, and improve the appropriate conditions for the laborers.

The Union consists of the General Conference, Coordination, Co-chair, and City Unions. The co-chair is elected by the General Conference of the Union of Toilers of North and East Syria

City unions elect their co-chair and elect their committees. City unions conduct, organize, and manage the union’s work. They take equal membership between men and women in their committees as their basis and organize themselves on the foundations and concepts of democratic principles and the highest values of work.

The Union also works to conclude contracts with institutions and companies in the public and private sectors, such as the Agricultural Development and Seed Multiplication Company, grain silos, and mills in all regions of North and East Syria. The conclusion of contracts is approved by the co-chair.

The number of workers affiliated with the union is (42,000) male and female workers in North and East Syria.

The number of volunteers and administrators in the Union is (73,000) male and female volunteers.

The number of people speaking on behalf of the workshops is approximately 500 people, and they hold a meeting every two months

Principles and Objectives of the Laborers’ Union :

It organizes itself on the basis and concepts of democratic principles and the highest values of work. The workers and s are the basic forces in the democratic civil society system and play their role according to the concepts of democracy, ecology, and women’s freedom. based on this:

– The union takes the principle of basic rights, universal freedom, and labor and workers laws by the Social Contract of North and East Syria as its basis.

– The Union takes all international and regional agreements regarding working people into consideration.

– The Union according to its capabilities, seeks to create permanent job opportunities and improve the standard of living, and accordingly, it coordinates with competent institutions to achieve this

– The Union does not distinguish or differentiate in any way between religious, ideological, sexual, intellectual, sectarian, national, or linguistic differences, and stands against this discrimination.

– The Union takes and applies equality between men and women in practical life.

The Union aims to build a democratic and moral civil society.

– The Union struggles to develop and achieve social justice and democracy and takes this principle as its basis

Union duties and responsibilities:

-The union protect for workers and takes the necessary measures against occupational diseases and work accidents. It also clarifies the relationship between the worker and the employer.

-The union solves workers’ problems by communicating with the competent authorities

– The Union works to organize and develop the Union’s relations, support, and knowledge among its members. Accordingly, it holds lectures and training courses, and creates training cards, and takes this as its basic principle.

– The Union manages social, economic and cultural work according to the interests and rights of workers and coordinates with international and regional organizations that accept the principles of the Workers’ Union and communicate with them.

– The Union holds meetings with its members, holds conferences in their presence, and takes decisions during the conferences

– The Union shall, as needed, provide the requirements and needs to adopt the Union’s organization and conduct work matters.

Union organizational structure:

Conference – Coordination of the Working People’s Union – Co-chair – Unions of Cities and Towns – Finance Committee – Training Committee – Women’s Committee.

The coordination consists of the co-chair of the General Union and the city unions and holds its meeting once a month.

Congress: It is the highest legislative body in the Union. The conference is held by all members of the Union once every two years, and its holding can be postponed or advanced for 6 months in emergency cases. . During the conference, the Union’s strategy is formulated, decisions are issued, and the necessary amendments are made in the Union’s bylaws. The conference elects the co-chair from among the union’s administrators and is approved by the City Council through a direct secret vote. It takes into account the representation of women, with 50% of women’s representation.

Union coordination tasks:

Follow up on the implementation of General Conference decisions.

Supervising the work in all union offices and reviewing reports submitted by unions of cities and towns.

– Resolving all disputes that arise between the working people, with the participation of the union’s spokespersons in the towns.

– Discuss all proposals sent by the federations, including membership, resignation, and penalties, according to the internal regulations.

– Discuss the work plans and submit them to the implementing agencies.

– Preparing the union’s annual reports.

– Activate the work of committees formed in cities and towns.

– The coordinator conducts field trips to review the affairs of the committees and the workers.

Tasks of the co-chair:

– Chairs coordinator’s meetings and issues its decisions and recommendations.

– Representing the Union before the official authorities.

– Supervises the implementation of conference decisions

-The co-chair supervises all the Union’s work and activities at the level of NES.

-The co-chair supervises all financial departments, including revenues and expenses.

-The co-chair conducts field tours in all areas where the offices of the laborers Union are located

-The co-chair has the right to give a financial reward to the hardworking people.

Training Committee:

The training committee consists of three to five members, who have experience, and knowledge of the nation’s democratic philosophy and are inspired by intellectual and behavioral information.

The function of the training committees is to train and educate all administrators of labor centers and to train and educate all workers in institutions, factories, companies, organizations, and workshops, regardless of the nature of each individual’s political, national, or religious affiliations.

Women’s Committee:

It is the committee responsible for proposing and implementing programs, projects, and activities related to women and highlighting their role in developing community leadership. It also organizes and manages events and meetings related to women, maintains their independence, and takes this as its basis. It discusses the situation of women in general and in particular, discusses their problems and the difficulties they face, and works to find appropriate solutions. In a manner appropriate to her family circumstances, and situation in all respects. The Women’s Committee organizes, educates, and encourages women through intellectual training and participation in all areas of life to be effective members in the progress, development, and prosperity of their society.

Relations of the Workers’ Union with unions in the world:

The Union of laborers aims to build strategic relations and democratic civil agreements with the rest of the unions in the world. Its external relations will target all progressive and independent labor unions, unions, movements, organizations and institutions. It is open to concluding memorandums of understanding and holding joint activities with labor platforms in all parts of the world.

On this basis, the Union of laborers in North and East Syria has good relations with the British Labor Union and the American Labor Union. Delegations were received by them in Rojava – North and East Syria, and discussions took place about the possibility of joint work and holding activities to exchange experiences and expertise.


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