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October 24, 2023
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Green trees

Green trees

Global interest in environmental affairs has increased over the past years, especially the last ten years, as a result of climate change that occurred for several reasons, including a decline in green spaces around the world and an increase in the rate of fires coinciding with the emission of gases that pollute the air and nature, especially within cities, due to the increase in laboratories and factories without taking into account Taking into account the environmental damage to both humans and nature, which has led to climate change, in exchange for not compensating for the damage that occurs.

All of this had a negative impact on the environment and biodiversity, as it led to an imbalance in the environment and affected public health with high rates of respiratory diseases and heart diseases and an increase in the percentage of cancers. The world became prepared for infections and the emergence of epidemics.

Syria in general and the region of northern and eastern Syria in particular have had a share of this environmental suffering, especially in recent years, where wars have increased and the subsequent forest and crop fires and the cutting of thousands of trees in addition to the deterioration of water resources, as well as the incautious and irresponsible use of oil resources and the following of primitive methods, And other reasons led to the deterioration of the environment in the Syrian Jazeera region, as recent statistics revealed high rates of respiratory and malignant diseases in this region in relation to the whole of Syria, with the difficulty of providing health services. These rates constitute a great danger that the region faces from both an environmental and health standpoint.

Therefore, out of our belief in striving for a healthy and healthy environment and in the necessity of participating in protecting our environment and natural resources and creating a participatory relationship between man and nature away from the principle of greater profit at the expense of the environment, we saw the need to launch awareness initiatives to alert the danger looming in the region. We set out as a group of volunteers, activists, and academics interested in environmental affairs. The year and its issues by establishing the green trees Association

Green trees

Green trees is a development association concerned with public environmental affairs and its issues. It is non-governmental and non-profit, working inside and outside Syria. It includes specialists and academics in the field of environment and agriculture in addition to volunteers and civil society activists interested in the environment. It was launched in October of 2020 AD.

Objectives of the Green trees Association

  • Green trees” launched the “Four Million Trees” campaign, which aims to produce four million plants within a period of five years.

  • Environmental protection and development.

  • Increasing green spaces to 10% of the total area of northeastern Syria.

  • Maintaining a healthy ecosystem and biodiversity.

  • Contributing to reducing the deterioration of the general climate.

  • Working to spread environmental culture and develop environmental awareness.

  • Work on establishing a database and networks for environmental statistics.

  • Achieving community participation in environmental development.

  • Achieving sustainable environmental development in northeastern Syria


Target areas:

Believing in “Green trees” that sound environmental work on any geographical spot on this planet reflects positively on the entire world and improves the general environmental situation, we have adopted work in all regions of northern and eastern Syria and Syria in general, including schools, universities, administrative institutions, forests and industrial reserves. We seek to work and cooperate in all regions of northeastern Syria in coordination with governmental and non-governmental entities interested in the environment.

Implementation and work mechanism:

  • Producing plants and trees from seeds and pens, each in specific and appropriate seasons.

  • Using the media as a means to create an environmental culture in society.

  • Conducting environmental and community campaigns and seminars to introduce the positives of a healthy environment and the necessity of contributing to its protection.

  • Communicating with regional, international and local government agencies, environmental organizations and associations with the aim of obtaining local and international support and support, establishing friendly relations, concluding agreements and adhering to agreements that serve the global environmental issue.

  • Participation of community groups within projects to achieve community participation in the region.

Advocacy and advocacy:

We call on all governments, associations, and local and international civil society organizations interested in environmental affairs, in addition to citizens within the local community, to cooperate and support the “Green trees” project to contribute to achieving the desired goals, whether financially or morally.

The door to volunteering and cooperation in Green trees is open to everyone who believes in the nature and goals of the association.

Internal relations:

Based on the principle of the Autonomous Administration in North and East Syria’s interest in the environmental field, cooperation and coordination are being carried out with local institutions, civil society movements, municipalities, Rojava University, and several companies, with the participation of volunteers and activists in northeastern Syria.

Foreign diplomatic relations:

A common cooperation agreement was signed with the Stabilization Support Center (SSC) and the Humanitarian and Development Cooperation Organization (HDC) in early 2023. This agreement aims to build capabilities between the parties, develop the skills of their human resources, provide environmental support to the region, raise community environmental awareness, and work on future joint projects.

Joint cooperation with the French Daniel Mitterrand Organization.

Relations with ENS Higher Normal School Paris.

Relations with the Norwegian Cultural Center in Paris.

A series of meetings and visits carried out by the Green trees Association in the French city of Lyon.

Relations with the Jasmine Association and Guerilla University.

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