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May 24, 2023
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Eleven movements and community organizations condemn the massacre committed by Turkey


Eleven movements and community organizations condemn the massacre committed by Turkey

The Community Diplomacy Platform participated with ten institutions and civil movements ,have issued a statement of condemnation regarding the brutal attack carried out by the fascist Turkish
state on July 20, 2023, through a targeted drone strike on a car of administrators in Qamishlo province. The statement reads as follows:

Statement to the Public Opinion

First , we strongly condemn and denounce the genocidal war waged by the fascist Turkish state against our people. We bow in reverence and admiration to the greatness of our brave martyrs who sacrificed their lives for our just cause.we extend Our heartfelt condolences to the families of the martyrs and our entire people.

Since the beginning of the Rojava Revolution (North and East Syria), the occupying Turkish state has employed all methods of war against our people. On one hand, it conducts proxy wars and supports ISIS terrorists. On the other hand, it launches ground and aerial invasions, resulting in the occupation of a large portion of Syrian territory. Furthermore, it carries out a systematic war using unmanned drones to target leading activists.

Two days ago, on June 20, a cowardly attack was on a car of administrators in Qamishlo. As a result of the attack, the co-chairwoman of Qamishlo province, the activist Yusra Darwish, along with her deputy, the pioneering woman Leman Shiwesh, and their comrade Firat Toma, who is of Assyrian origin, were martyred.

The martyr Leman, known as Reyhan Amouda, was a dedicated activist who devoted thirty-eight years of her life to the struggle and service of her people’s cause. The martyr Yusra worked tirelessly for years in the Rojava Revolution, and we will never forget their sacred efforts in acheiving a free life.

This savage attack, which violates all international laws and conventions, and deviates from ethical and humanitarian principles, is part of a dirty campaign aimed at systematic political extermination. It specifically targets leading women and influential figures in society. By employing such methods, they aim to undermine the trust and morale of our people, distancing them from their cause and their land.

Based on these grounds, we, the collective diplomatic platform, civil society institutions, and community movements in North and East Syria, strongly condemn and denounce these attacks. We promise our people that we will continue to walk the path of our martyrs and persist in the struggle they initiated.

To the fascist forces, we say: You will not be able to break the will of our people, and our response to your cowardly attacks will be to strengthen our internal organization and rally around the values of our social revolution.

Once again, we appeal to all institutions and organizations concerned with human rights to break their silence and take a stand against this dirty war waged by the fascist Turkish state against our society.

Our first and final call is to our people in all their components, urging them to continue organizing and maintaining their connection to the values of the revolution and the community. They should render the policies of extermination empty of content and follow the path of the martyrs of freedom in achieving justice, equality, and democracy.

Warm condolences to the families of the martyrs and all components of our people.
Glory and eternal remembrance to our heroic martyrs.

June 22, 2023 – Qamislo

Participating Institutions in the Statement:
1. Community Diplomatic Platform
2. Democratic Society Movement
3. Unions and Professional Associations
4. Rojava University
5. Mezopotaya Religions and Beliefs Forum
6. Democratic Islam Conference
7. Culture and Art Movement
8. People’s Municipality in Qamishli
9. Free Media Union
10. Afrin Social Association
11.the Green Tresses Association


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