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March 9, 2023
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June 22, 2023
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Rojava – Resistance, Resilience, and Renewal

2023 South South Dialogue for Sustainability (SSDS)

Rojava – Resistance, Resilience, and Renewal

Democratic Confederalism and the Changing Face of Revolution


Since the outbreak of the Syrian conflict in 2011, the Kurdish people of Rojava in Northeast Syria have sought to reclaim their homeland and construct a new polity through the practice of Democratic Confederalism.

This revolutionary form of stateless democracy is unique. Its application of communitarian and democratic values to questions of ethnic and religious inclusion, recognition of women’s rights, co-operative economic development, and environmental stewardship is at the cutting edge of system change theory and practice. This lecture series presents a comprehensive overview of the struggles, achievements, challenges, and prospects for a radical renewal of politics and practice in all aspects of the region’s economic, social, and cultural life.


The series features presentations from leading thinkers, activists, and officials establishing the Autonomous Administration and civil institutions of Rojava, as well as commentators and activists from social movements in America, Asia, Latin America, Africa and The Middle East. This series aims to build broad understanding of what is occurring in North and East Syria and what lessons may be gleaned for social justice movements everywhere.



Global University for Sustainability,

The Civil Diplomacy Center in North East Syria,

Synergia Co-operative Institute,



John Restakis (Synergia Co-operative Institute)



Hassan Kochar, Nourshan Hussein, Fawza Yousef, Talaat Younis, Reyhan Loqo, Aynur Pasha, Newroz Ahmad, Zahriban Hussein, Chalang Omar, and Dilar Dirik


Respondents: Mahmoud Patel, Saloua Guiga, Debbie Bookchin, Ashish Kothari, Jennifer Keasden, Fernaz Attia, Father Edwin John, Andrej Grubačić, Eleanora Gea Piccardi, John Restakis, and Gilberto Lopez y Rivas


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Dates (Thursdays): 25 May; 8 June; 22 June; 6 July; 20 July; 3 August; 17 August; 31 August; 14 September; and 28 September

Languages: Kurdish and English interpreting

Duration: 10 Lectures, each lecture has 2 hours (lecture and Q & A)



Vancouver 07:00

Mexico 08:00

New York 10:00

Sao Paulo 11:00

London 15:00

Paris 16:00

Syria 17:00

New Delhi 19:30

Bangkok 21:00

Hong Kong 22:00

Tokyo 23:00



25 May 2023

Lecture-1: Abdullah Ocalan’s philosophy, the history of the Kurds in Syria and the origins of the revolution in Rojava – NES.

Lecturer: Hassan Kochar, adviser to the co-chair of the Executive Council of NES.

Respondent: Mahmoud Patel, professor of law, South Africa.

Kurdish version link

English version link


8 June 2023

Lecture-2: Philosophy of democratic confederalism and stateless democracy.

Lecturer: Nourshan Hussein, Member of the Civil Diplomacy Center, NES.

Respondent: Saloua Guiga, Member of the Women, Peace, and Security Committee since 2018 (FemWise-Africa), affiliated with the African Union’s Wise Persons’ Committee

Kurdish version link

English version link

22 June 2023

Lecture-3: The democratic nation, the role of pluralism and the inclusion of ethnic and religious groups in the political system of the region.

Lecturer: Fawza Yousef, Member of the Executive Committee of the Democratic Union Party – PYD.

Respondent: Debbei Bookchin, journalist, author, and editor of several newly updated AK Press books by her father, Murray Bookchin. Co-editor of his municipalism book: The Next Revolution.

Kurdish version link

English version link


6 July 2023

Lecture-4: Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria, civil society and direct democracy in Rojava.

Lecturer: Talaat Younis, the co-chair of the Executive Council of the Jazeera region.

Respondent: Ashish Kothari, Global Tapestry of Alternatives, an Indian environmentalist working on development, environment interface, biodiversity policy and alternatives.

Kurdish version link

English version link


20 July 2023

Lecture-5: The women revolution in Rojava and the role of women’s organizations like Kongra Star.

Lecturer: Reyhan Loqo, the spokeswoman of the Women’s Movement Kongra Star in NES.


(1) Jennifer Keasden, an internationalist feminist who works for Kurdish Women’s Movement.

(2) Fernaz Attia, PhD, Political Science. Egypt

Kurdish version link

English version link


3 August 2023

Lecture-6: Political and ethical society and the social justice system.

Lecturer: Aynur Pasha, member of the center of research and protection of women’s rights, NES.

Respondent: Father Edwin John, founder-member of the neighborhood councils, India.

Kurdish version link

English version link


17 August 2023

Lecture-7: The security situation and the threats of the Turkish state, ISIS and Regime and the situation in the region after the earthquake disaster.

Lecturer: Bedran Çiya Kurd, Co- Chair of the Foreign Relations Department, in the Executive Council of North East Syria

Respondent: Andrej Grubačić a professor at the California Institute of Integral Studies and founded its Anthropology and Social Change department, USA.

Kurdish version link

English version link


31 August 2023

Lecture-8: Ecology and Jineology

Lecturer: Zehriban Hussein, Member of the Jineology Academy in NES.

Respondent: Eleanora Gea Piccardi, PhD student in the program “Democracy in the 21st century” at Centro de Estudos Sociais, Portugal.

Kurdish version link

English version link


14 September 2023

Lecture-9: The social economy and the cooperative system in NES.

Lecturer: Chalang Omar, academic in economy and consultant in social economy.

Respondent: John Restakis, Sessional Instructor on Alternative Economies for Social Change at the University of Victoria and Co-founder of Synergia Co-operative Institute.

Kurdish version link

English version link


28 September 2023

Lecture-10: Comparing the Rojava experience with other civil movements for regime change, Rojava’s lessons for global progressive movements.

Lecturer: Sinan Joudi, a journalist and consultant for civil society institutions in North East Syria in law and education fields.


(1)Gilberto Lopez y Rivas, journalist and professor of anthropology, Mexico.

(2)John Holloway, a sociologist and philosopher, whose work is closely associated with the Zapatista movement.

Kurdish version link

English version link






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