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February 12, 2023
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February 15, 2023
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Children’s Rights Committee Şiiler

Children’s Rights Committee Şiiler

The children’s committee was established in 2020 to answer to the needs of the children in North and East Syria. Children in North East Syria suffered as a result of the wars and crises which negatively affected children in particular. The committee opened centers for children in Shahba, Aleppo, Derik, Washokani camp, and Ras al-Ain camp in al-Hasakah. The main center of the committee is in the city of Qamishlo. The committee is committed to the rights and affairs of children and everything related to them in terms of violations of their rights and problems and assaults practiced against them such as violence, preventing them from education, family neglect and societal bullying. Şiiler develops educational plans for children of all ages and stages of their development. The work of the committee is according to the planned annual program. Şiiler concentrates on building children groups for children within the communes. In each group two children are elected as responsible and they help in the education. Şiiler discusses with the children about everything needed, including behavior and problems which can arise together with the children and collectively try to find ways to solve the problems and ways to strengthen and develop themselves. Each child should have the chance to be in the role of responsible to develop self-confidence and to be able to learn to take responsibility for itself and for others. Therefore the children are only for a limited time-period chosen as responsibles.

Şiiler also assists parents with ill children, especially when the families are poor, trying to help in cases of surgery, spinal deformities, eye surgeries and vision problems. In addition Şiiler supports children who suffer from mental illnesses such as autism, schizophrenia, and obsessive-compulsive disorder by educational specialists within the committee, and in case the cases are difficult, coordination is made with psychiatrists. The condition is followed up until their psychological conditions stabilize.

Among the works carried out by the committee is the opening of a garden in Washokani camp in the city of Hasaka, in coordination with the Kurdish Red Moon, named, “Muhammad and Sarah.” This garden was named after the siblings Muhammad and Sarah; Muhammed was martyred and Sarah lost her leg as a result of the Turkish attacks. A project was also implemented to provide musical instruments to the children of Shahba and Aleppo, and drawing activities were held in gardens in most areas, aiming at harmonizing children with nature and discharging their negative energies.

Work has been done to implement the Child Protection Law at the level of North and East Syria, in coordination with the human rights authorities and stakeholders, and to carry out a campaign “No to Violence against Childhood”. In all branches children and parents are educated on the importance of a childhood without violence. The committee continues its work with all its capabilities and means, and looks forward in the future to delivering its program to the world and forming friendships with societies that support children and protect their rights.


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