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Zenobia Women Assembly

Zenobia Women Assembly


Definition of the assembly: It is a women’s political, social, economic and ecological organization. The main objective is to organize women from all groups present in Syria, and work to unify and organize energies and efforts for the advancement and empowerment of women at all levels, and thus achieve gender justice in society. The main headquarters of the Zenobia Women’s Assembly is the city of Raqqa. Zenobia targets especially on Arabic women who have lived in the ISIS oppressed areas in North East Syria, which newly got liberated.

General principles of Zenobia: developing women, protecting their identity, and enhancing their role in society.  Zenobia struggles against the sectarianism of the regime and ISIS and tries to embrace women of all beliefs and ethnicities. It takes pluralism and democratic societal values as a basis for organizing. Zenobia struggles against violence, exploitation and discrimination in all its forms against women. It sees self-defense and self-protection as a basic principle in its struggle against attacks on its regions.  Zenobia adopts the principle of fair representation of women in all aspects of life. It takes the organized and conscious woman and the values of citizenship as a basis for resolving all social issues. Zenobia is committed to women’s rights in accordance with international human rights standards and relevant resolutions. It works to enacting laws that guarantee women’s rights in the new Syrian constitution and works to achieve full justice and equality between men and women.

The objectives of Zenobia: Combating all forms of violence and discrimination against women. Work to develop and strengthen the role of young women, and provide them with experience and awareness. Ensuring the rights of children and people with special needs and preventing child labor and trafficking. Building relationships with women’s organizations and joining hands with them, whether in Syria or abroad. Developing a social economy against exploitation and monopoly that achieves social justice. Ending the authoritarian structure and building a healthy family in society. Develop awareness and development programs to combat child marriage. Providing health care for the elderly.

The committees within the roof of the assembly:

-The Relations Committee: Among its objectives are:  Developing dialogue and relations with women’s organizations calling for peace and ending wars. Building relationships with women’s organizations from inside and outside Syria. Participation, solidarity and cooperation with women’s organizations inside Syria. Active participation in conferences and dialogue platforms that serve the issue of women. -Social Justice Committee: It includes committees for reconciliation and the Women’s House. Among her works: Developing social justice from a women’s perspective and institutionalizing it. Establishing the principle of social justice in resolving issues faced by women and society. Providing care and protecting women from all forms of violence and discrimination. Documenting violations and crimes against women and sending them in the form of reports to the concerned authorities.

– Martyrs’ Families Committee: Providing material and moral support to the families of the martyrs. Work to build and employ the capacities and empower the wives of martyrs in all fields. Preparing economic projects to provide services to the families of martyrs. Encourage the various activities of the sons and daughters of the martyrs.

-Training and Academies Committee: Preparing training programs to raise the political, intellectual and cultural level of women and society. Preparing research and pamphlets related to awareness and training. Empowering women through workshops at all levels. Encouraging women to read and write through literacy courses. Work on developing awareness programs to change the masculine mentality. Opening academies to empower women at all levels.

-Economics Committee: Developing the women’s economy within the organizational structure.  Developing a social economy against exploitation and capitalist monopoly. Developing women’s cooperatives in agriculture, industry, handicrafts and others in all fields. Preparing economic studies and projects and presenting them to the funding agencies. Developing and organizing annual business and economic activities.

-Health Committee: Organizing and developing work units in the health field in cities and rural areas.  Combating all forms of gender discrimination in all activities related to the health sector. Providing human and health care and services to all members of society without discrimination. Providing health awareness programs for women and all members of society.

-Culture and Art Committee: Responsible for protecting, preserving and reviving all multicultural cultures. Supporting and developing activities that contribute to the protection and development of culture, language, art and literature for all peoples in Syria. Preserving human values, moral and cultural principles, and the authenticity of society from extermination and assimilation. Supporting and developing multi-hobbies technical teams.

-Protection Committee: Responsible for continuing the struggle for women’s freedom and protecting them against all forms of violence and attacks. Women take the principle of protection and self-defense as the basis of their struggle. It promotes and consolidates core protection in society. It is responsible for preserving and protecting moral principles and values in society.

-Social Committee: Developing training and organizational activities and events to raise social awareness among women and society. Presenting plans and projects for the protection and development of human rights in various fields, whether sports, beliefs, health, caring for children, war-disabled people, immigration victims and the elderly. Work to reduce the exploitation of children and migration. -Media and Archives Committee: Changing the stereotype of women in the field of media and society.  It is responsible for properly conveying and covering all the work and activities of women. It Struggles against all concepts and policies that are biased against women. Follow-up and archive all activities and works. Communication and solidarity with media institutions to serve the cause of women.


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