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January 14, 2023
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TEV-DEM – Democratic Society Movement

TEV-DEM – Democratic Society Movement
The Democratic Society Movement (TEV-DEM) is the first movement that targeted the organization of society in North and East Syria in 2011, even before the revolution started. From the beginning of the revolution it aimed to organize the society in a democratic way from down to top. Including all the groups in the society, it started the democratization-process by establishing councils and communes.

During the third conference held in August 2018, TEV-DEM reorganized itself. It kept its task as an organization which strives to a democratization of the society and in this sense includes all segments of society. Organization is the basis of democratization. In this sense TEV-DEM became the umbrella of civil society organizations in North and East Syria, including unions and chambers. According to the transformation that took place, the movement focused on establishing federations, unions, and chambers with the aim of strengthening the possibility of organizing civil society, in addition to existing organizations and institutions that are considered the third arena in the democratic community structure. Through civil society organizations, society can organize its ranks not only at the professional level, but even defend its political issues, such as combating the patriarchal mentality, by developing the struggle for women’s freedom, defending people’s national causes, and working to include all segments in their ranks. The movement restructured its offices and committees, and opened several departments, such as organizational offices, in all cities and regions of North and East Syria. The unions affiliated under the roof of the Democratic Society Movement are as follows. The actions of these unions fall within the framework of community organization, providing all forms of support to members of society from all components, and not exploiting citizens, which are:

  1. Union of Doctors
  2. Union of Dentists
  3. Union of Pharmaceutics
  4. Union of health professionals
  5. Union of Workers
  6. Union of constructors
  7. Union of drivers
  8. Union of small businesses
  9. Federation of Commercial Chambers
  10. Federation of Industrial Chambers
  11. Union of Lawyers
  12. Union of Artists
  13. Union of Intellectuals
  14. Union of Teachers
  15. Union of Farmers
  16. Assembly of Photographers
  17. Aid Organization ‘Rojava’
  18. Human Rights Organization
  19. House of Ezidiyans
  20. Union of Engineers

Since its establishment, the Democratic Society Movement has been seeking to communicate its voice and experiences in North and East Syria to all peoples calling for democracy and women’s freedom. It shares its struggle for an active and participatory society with all peoples of the world.


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