The Resilience of Society in North and East Syria Against Turkish Aggression
November 29, 2022
More than 300 civil organizations and public figures around the world signed a petition demanding an end to the Turkish attacks on NES
December 21, 2022
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Signatures-Campaign against the Turkish aggression in North and East Syria

Signatures-Campaign against the Turkish aggression in North and East Syria

The Civil Diplomacy Center, with the participation of 17 civil society institutions in North and East Syria, is launching a campaign to collect signatures from civil society institutions and legal personalities in the Middle East and the world, to demand the United Nations Secretariat to stop the Turkish aggression against North and East Syria.

The civil institutions are:

1. Civil Diplomacy Center

2. Tev-Dem Democratic Society Movement

3. Union of Civil Society Organizations-Raqqa

4. Union of Civil Society Organizations-Tabqa

5. Kongra Star

6. Zenobia Women’s Assembly

7. Organization Against Violence-SARA

8. Free Media Union

9. Union of Intellectuals West Kurdistan

10. University of Rojava

11. The Culture and Art Movement

12. The Municipalities and Environment Committee in al-Jezeera Region

13. Afrin Social Association

14. Idlib Green Council

15. Federations of War Wounded in NES

16. Green Braid Organization

17. The Kurdish Red Crescent

18. Unity of Beliefs and Religions Mesopotamia

The campaign was launched yesterday, December 1st 2022 and it will be signed electronically at the following link:


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