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The Syrian Initiative for the freedom of Abdullah Öcalan

The Syrian Initiative for the freedom of Abdullah Öcalan

Exceptional characters or personalities appear within each people or society who serve as their savior and they take the lead within their people to bring them to safety. But rarely there appear personalities who transcend the barrier of one nationality or one color and race to include all of humanity.

We are talking about one of these personalities, who is the leader and thinker Abdullah Öcalan, whose ideas and philosophy went beyond all borders and barriers. Free will, free thought and the freedom of women are the basic principles of his philosophy. His philosophy is especially developed in and for the societies in the Middle East, which were submitted to oppression. Instead of pseudo-democracy of the European countries, Abdullah Öcalan develops a theory of real democracy and also shows how this can be put in practice.

Because this thought has awakened the people of the region from the slumber of tyranny and injustice, and removed the veil over their eyesight, the attention of the major capitalist countries was drawn and their intelligence-services cooperated to limit the spread of this thought by arresting the leader Öcalan and handing him over to Turkey.

The people of North and East Syria stand with this great personality and rose up against all the unethical practices pursued by the Turkish state by establishing an initiative with the name ‘The Syrian Initiative for the Freedom of Abdullah Öcalan’ on the 10th  of September 2019. This initiative includes social figures from all ethnicities like Arabs, Kurds, Assyrians, Armenians and others. The main goal of this initiative is to achieve the physical freedom of the philosopher Abdullah Öcalan. One of the reasons for forming this initiative is the continuing violation by the Turkish fascist forces of all international laws and conventions related to human rights. Abdullah Öcalan has been put in isolation since many years by the Turkish state and the right to see his family and lawyers is being denied.

The main reason for this torture is the fear that the ideas of Abdullah Öcalan spread and stronger relations between the peoples in the region will rise. The ideas of Abdullah Öcalan can be seen as a comprehensive and radical solution for the Middle East.

Members of the initiative work to achieve the physical freedom of Adullah Öcalan. The initiative raises awareness about the human rights violations Abdullah Öcalan and with him the Kurdish people are  experiencing. As well as sharing his ideas by translating into Arabic and spreading by social media, booklets, holding conferences and seminars. In this way the initiative works in spreading his ideas in the Arabic world and with the Arabic population in Syria.

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