It’s war but nobody is seeing it.
August 17, 2022
August 22, 2022
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Sit-in in Qamishlo

Sit-in in Qamishlo:

The HPC – Community protection Forces, which are the people who protect their area in North and East Syria together with Kongra-Star, the women’s organization in North and east Syria set up a tent in front of the United Nations headquarters in Qamishlo bearing the slogan “Where is Your Justice?” This in view of the continuing Turkish attacks, especially the air strikes, on civilians, including children in North and East Syria. These attacks can only take place in compliance with Russia and America, but although a war is going on with more as 3736 attacks which killed 33 people and injured 124, this war is not recognized as such. There is an international silence, evend human rights organizations stay silent regarding these systematic attacks against our people. The organizers of this sit-in from the Community Protection Forces prepared a message that was read and delivered to the United Nations headquarters, with its content: “We are a peaceful people and we have not assaulted anyone, we call on the active countries and human rights organizations to take quick and serious action to establish an air embargo on the regions of North and East Syria to avoid more defenseless civilians being killed or injured.” The sit-in will continue until August 30th.


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