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It’s war but nobody is seeing it.

It’s war but nobody is seeing it.
The events taking place in the north and east of Syria are catastrophic at all levels. Despite
everything that is happening, we see the whole world silent and not moving. Every day, the people
wake up to the sounds of planes and missiles. Turkish drones have become an obsession that haunts
civilians and children, as Turkish aviation does not distinguish between civilians and the military’s
only concern is to destabilize the region under the pretext of combating terrorism and protecting its
national security.
On the sixteenth of August, the cities of Amuda, Ad-Darbasiyah, al-Shahba, Tal Tamr and Kobani
were attacked, which resulted in the death of many, including children. Turkish killed 22 martyrs
and wounded many. Turkey’s goal in all of this is to undermine the democratic project in the
regions of North and East Syria. If we see these attacks from a second perspective, we will see that
the major countries allied to Turkey, which claim to defend democracy and protect minorities in
the world, are the ones who give Turkey the green light in an undeclared way to invade the region.
The Syrian regions are an arena for trade-offs between countries. NATO on the one hand, and
America and Russia on the other. As for the European countries, we hear nothing but fragile and
useless statements and slogans from them.
The people of North and East Syria, Syriacs, Yezidis, Kurds, Christians, Arabs, all are being attacked
and subject of violations and crimes against humanity. It is these people who fought and resisted
against ISIS. And now the countries who before supported ISIS are now targeting the democratic
project of North and East Syria. Now we stand alone, no one stand with us and support us. Despite
that we are here, the young and the old adhere to their land and are ready to defend it with his most
precious possessions. The examples are abundant in North and East Syria. The people in order to be
able to stand with their own administration, which they have built up, become heroes and sacrifice
themselves. The self-management is based on democracy, equality and coexistence with all peoples
and religions and beliefs in the region.
We understand that states comply with Turkey, but we hope that people stand to us. We hope that
people who want democracy and freedom see that this attack is an attack against all who strive
for democracy and freedom. We want to reach every organization or institution concerned with
human rights. We hope you support us and make a voice against the governments who comply with
these attacks. We hope you support us in striving for a no-fly zone, because Turkey attacks mostly
with drones and airplanes. It is the voice and actions of the people which can make a difference.
Only together we can strive for democracy and freedom.


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