Doing Justice to the Mosaic of North East Syria – The Rojava Revolution
July 24, 2022
July 25, 2022
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10 years of Revolution in Rojava: an introduction

10 years of Revolution in Rojava

an introduction:

Now we are in the tenth year of the Rojava Revolution, which began on July 19th, 2012. The revolution established an alternative to the nation-state, that was agreed upon by the people of all shades and components of Rojava. We can say that it is the first revolution in the Middle East that erupts and takes a completely different course from the context of the revolutions that took place in the Arab countries, including the Syrian revolution. It shows the possibility of achieving the democratic approach represented by the brotherhood of peoples and coexistence.

The Democratic Society Movement was founded on 16th January 1911 and pursued the preparation for the revolution through the concept of democratic self-management and worked for a societal organization that includes all political figures and entities. The Rojava Revolution was not lured into the war on Syrian territory, and it did not destroy public property but on the contrary preserved them in order to serve the citizen and society as a whole.

The revolution adopted three core principles:

– Not to be a party to another in any conflict

– To build a military force that contains all the components inside it, known as the People’s Protection Units.

-Working on organizing a society by building civil, service and security institutions as needed.

As soon as Turkey, represented by the fascist Justice and Development Party, saw what was happening in Rojava, it prepared and provided the so-called Al-Nusra Front with all the support to enter Rojava, occupy it, and create imbalance between its components. Al Nusra Front managed to tempt some weak souls to cause division. But because of riots among them and with the efforts of the people in Rojava they could be defeated. The People’s Protection Units (YPG) took responsibility for the security of the region without exception, and thus thwarted the plan of the Justice and Development Party represented by Jabhat al-Nusra as an outlet and defeated one after another. This led to a rift and division within their ranks, and most of them later joined under the name of ISIS, which was also receiving support in all forms from the Turkish apparatus. Perhaps ISIS could realize Erdogan’s dream of occupying Rojava, and perhaps the Kobani resistance was the symbol and the beam against the most powerful and most dangerous terrorist organization in the world, which awakened the major countries and the European Union to pay attention to the revolution and resistance of Rojava. The precious offerings for the sake of eliminating the organization – ISIS – whose danger has become a threat to the whole world because of the crimes it commits against humanity in all countries of the world became known world wide. Thus Rojava has become the protector for all states of this danger. ISIS began expanding in the areas, which forced the administration to form a broader military force that includes all the components of northern and eastern Syria, represented by the Syrian Democratic Forces, receiving logistical and air support from the coalition forces. Our forces proved to the world that they are the only force that resisted and offered thousands of its sons and daughters as martyrs for the sake of all humanity. The freedom revolution that took place in north and east Syria is a real revolution based on the idea of ​​democratic modernity by the philosopher Abdullah Ocalan, and as a result a democratic administration was established based on a democratic society, free personalities and the inclusion of people of all religions and ethnicities. It proved to the world that the society that depends on its children will inevitably achieve victory. In the next texts we will explore what achievements have been made in the last ten years and which are still needed.


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