Civil Diplomacy Center – North and East Syria

Building bridges
Between NES and the World

Latest projects

Here are some of the ways we're building bridges between NES and the outside world:

International Mother Tongue Day in North and East Syria – panel discussion

21 February 2021 was International Mother Tongue Day, the latest iteration of an annual celebration launched by UNESCO in order…

Connecting artists to resist censorship

Music plays an important role in political struggles, and this is especially the case in Rojava, where revolution and music…

Danielle Mitterand Foundation: building partnerships between cities in NES and France

The Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria (AANES) is working to implement an alternative, democratic system implementing ideals of…

Our vision

The Civil Diplomacy Center - North and East Syria (CDC-NES) aims to connect communities in North and East Syria with the rest of the world.

  • Our aims
  • Our team
  • How we work

We aim to establish relationships at an international level between NES and societies abroad, particularly in the Middle East, Europe, the Americas and North Africa.

We aim to work with all civil society institutions and organizations, both local and international. By fostering bilateral support, knowledge-sharing and relationships, we aim to advance the cause of humanity, peace and democracy in NES and across the globe.

As such, in January 2021 a core group of local and international staff founded the Civil Diplomacy Center of North and East Syria (CDC-NES), in order to strengthen and expand relations between communities and civil institutions. Our staff has extensive experience working throughout NES in humanitarian, professional and media fields. CDC-NES is a non-profit body registered in Qamishlo, North and East Syria, and funded by private and institutional donations.

• Organizing joint meetings, dialogs and discussion between civil society institutions in NES and their international counterparts

• Organizing visits and civilian delegations to NES

• Developing twinning programs between cities

• Building bilateral education opportunities and programs

• Supporting mutual aid programs, promoting knowledge-sharing, and fostering solidarity between NES and the international community

Our partners

Here are some of the organizations we're working with to foster relations between NES and the international community: